Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Today in the Garbage I found...

I've always appointed my home with stuff I find in the garbage.

In these days of the growth economy more good stuff is thrown out for garbage than at any time in history. The false economy of the ever expanding economy clicks nicely with the neurosis of consumerism, where many people who are existentially burdened find temporary solace in an addiction to buying the new new. As such, the stuff being thrown out is getting newer and newer. And, at the end of a long period of a relatively enlightened economy, where things were built to last, the garbage being thrown out up until about right now, is of excellent quality.

Don't get me wrong, I'm rich; richer than you can imagine - and I don't re-use old beds or bedding, shoes or underwear... but that about all I don't.

Since losing everything I owned in a robbery last year I have since appointed my new home with:

  • 3 fast, gigantic computers
  • An LED flat screen monitor
  • 2 computer keyboards
  • 2 sets of amplified computer speakers
  • A cute black goose-neck lamp
  • 2 televisions (the first one had distortion in the top 1/5 of the screen, I found a better one, a fake 'flat screen' model, with remote!)
  • A beautiful solid maple three drawer bureau - hand made!
  • 2 area rugs
  • A classic 1950's chrome toaster with automatic pop-up
  • A set of 1/8 inch jack headphones
  • An AM/FM dual cassette CD amplifier 'boom box'
  • A cute dark blue and white flies-head shaped portable CD Cassette player with AM/FM radio
  • Books, lots of books
  • A round three leg coffee table
  • A solid Oak hide-away sewing table (sans sewing machine)
  • A classic 1960's navel bed-side lamp with an ocean explorers map stylized shade
  • A baseball that looks like it went through a World Series game circa 1949 (it sits on a pedestal on my writing desk - an essential prop)

And finally, today, in the garbage I found...

  • A laundry basket (was looking for a wicker model, but this plastic one will do until it presents itself)


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