Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tomboyfriend - smarter than Roxy Music but not as old

Tomboyfriend is new, and you'll want to be seen listing to them. Whether it's on the subway or on your bike going to work - or at their upcoming dates around Toronto this fall in support of their new album "Don't go to School". Don't miss this chance to be cool like them kids, this could be you're last chance!

Toronto band Tomboyfriend also has a hit on their hands! Their witty rock and roll number "Almost/Always" should be rocketing up the charts with a bullet; but in these dieing days of pop music there is no chart, and no one knows what 'with a bullet' means.

We need someone to hole up at CityTV and play this video non-stop till the G20 riot police bust in and smash up the place.

My favourite line from my latest listening of the hit tune, Almost/Always,

She had
The most gorgeous set of gestures and classy schtick
A slump like him had ever seen

Reminds me of The Kinks, and that band from St Catherines with that university hit... you know, with the line Switchen to Glide? Was that it? Yeah that worked:

Youtube, The Kings - This beat Goes On / Switchin Glide.

Well, The Kings song isn't as good as I remember. Tomboyfriend is better than that, on many levels. Local media are glowing with praise too;

"A performance art whirlwind," - Eye
"A more brilliant New Pornographers" - Playground
"A more-left-wing Hidden Cameras with a crazy fun Keith Cole aesthetic." - Fab

Reviews from, Tomboyfriend/facebook

Photo of the band from, No Media Kings.

Full lyrics for "Almost/Always" at Tomboyfriend/Facebook.

From Tomboyfriend/facebook;

Tomboyfriend has the following homes.






More Press

Check out a review from March 15, 2010 of Almost/Always by Shannon Moore at Paper Trail.


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