Friday, September 24, 2010

Pixies - Where is my Mind - Fight Club Video Medley

Watched Fight Club (1999) last night, online in 14 parts; it's been at least five years since my last viewing. The first time I saw the film was on DVD in late August 2001... about a week later...

Youtube user Musicofhope up loaded this edit of the movie with the Pixies as soundtrack, I like this one; the way I would have done it.

The Pixies' Where is my Mind is perfect for watching buildings fall.

The film builds a montage of post modern angst, military style team building (boot camp hazing) and the loss of identity in the post industrial revolution and the associated mental illnesses - and builds a convincing portrait of our times - and then blows it up!

Love that final scene.

Surfing Youtube, using 'Fight Club' as my search, I perceive there's a large sub-culture of fans who love the film just for the fight scenes.

I saw the fight scenes as a small arch in the story, the function of which is to enable our suspension of disbelief. Aptly the violence "Stockholm Syndromes" us into identifying with the schizophrenic mind of the Edward Norton character, the narrator. Near the end of the film, as the narrator comes to terms with his multiple personality disorder, we also experience a collapse in our belief in the narratitive.

But it's not over. We're still inside a second delusion, the movie-goers suspension of disbelief. As the narrator's alter ego character, Tyler Durden is extinguished in a suicide attempt, all appears to be resolved - then the song Where is my Mind begins and the banking towers begin their controlled demolition collapse - one by one by one...

A nice, if unintended 'future metaphor' for the 2007 banking collapse?

Beautify constructed film and a great story, from the novel of the same name by Chuck Palahniuk.


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