Wednesday, September 22, 2010

October 25th Toronto, you chose the next Mayor: loser, loser, stoolie, loser, nut job. Now pick!

A new web site is up. It's non-partisan - anyone but Rob Ford for mayor of Toronto. Go to, it's a place to access resources to spread the campaign message, Rob Ford would be very bad for the majority in this city.

They have media you can download like this neat poster:

It's also a place to contribute creative media that you've come up with.

The majority are against what Rob Ford stands for - but to stop him from being elected mayor by a small minority of red necks and terrified zombies the voters have to unite behind one candidate. To do this the web site admin. at suggests all the front runners unite. I guess that means a few would have to drop out of the race.

Well, in my humble opinion that will never happen; so how about the good people of Toronto decide who's out and who's in before we get to the polls?

"A bloc to stop the slob"

Perhaps needs to add a social networking functionality to the site - like a chat space where anyone but Rob Ford supporters (yeah - it's not fair, it's politics) can start discussions and anyone can participate - a place where the majority in this city can try and decide who we're going to unite behind.

Take your pick Toronto, swallow hard and choose. The internet might help us do this, we need to talk this out. Perhaps "A Wiki to Build a Bloc to Stop the Slob".

When a visionary like Mayor Miller exits the stage it leaves a big vacuum.

The candidates running this year, in my opinion, are all un-electable nobodies:

Or stooges of the right wing who's candidacy is only intended to divide the (woman's) vote (Sarah Thomson).

Joe Pantalone isn't on the radar, at least from this 'webbies' point of view. Although I bet his views are closest to mine; I just never hear him saying it with any panache.

Ricco Rossi latest billboard ad campaign makes him look like the Godfather - great, that's what this city needs, a strong father figure like Mussolini!

And who is George Smitherman? Oh yeah - what ever you want him to be! A little too Orwellian for my sensibilities.

Obama won by a record voter turn out...

Another thing we can do to make sure this guy doesn't win is to GET THE VOTE OUT! That might be the best tactic. Talk this up with everyone you know; organize a Monday, October 25th evening out that starts with a trip to the polls and then pool and beer at a neighbourhood pub for example, or an election party at your place, byob (bring your own ballot).

How about a pre-Halloween party where everyone comes dressed as scary candidate, Rob Ford?


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