Friday, July 9, 2010


In this video essay, also published in print form at, Paul Jay Senior Editor of The Real News Network outlines the reasons why Canada needs a Public Inquiry into policing at the Toronto G20 Summit.

It's a compelling oratory and sheds light on the command structure of the weekends events, arriving finally at the decision maker himself, Stephan "total information awareness" Harper. The Prime Minister of Canada.

More at The Real News

Share this by going to this embed page at the Real News Network.

Join the Facebook group, "Canadians Demanding a Public Inquiry into Toronto G20"

Read the Canadian Civil Liberties Association's (CCLA) Call for Independent Inquiry into G20 Police Action.

Sign the call for an independent review at Amnesty International - Canada.

Send a letter or an email to the Office of the Prime Minister, Stephen Harper.

Send a letter or an email to Ontario Premier Daulton McGuinty.

Write to your MPP and your MP.

Vote against the Conservatives Federally, and the Liberals Provincially in Ontario.


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