Thursday, July 1, 2010

Calling for a Public Inquiry into Policing at the G20 Summit

What is the Meaning of the Upside-down Canadian Flag?

A nations flag flown upside-down by a citizen of that nation is a symbol, it means one is in distress. So for example, if I'm at a Canadian place that place is under siege or has been taken over by an enemy, I would fly the flag upside down - if I had the opportunity - to tell my comrades, my compatriots that all is not well, I'm in distress, I need your assistance.

I've been flying the flag upside-down since 1995; but after this weeks events in Toronto, at the G20 Summit, it's time to put the flag up front and upside-down in a ceremony. I've added a upside-down flag and an action link list to the sidebars of all my online spaces.

Grab a copy for yourself! Just copy and paste the side bar element into your blogs side bar - or where ever you want.

If you need help, better instructions, please leave a comment or email me (address is in the side bar).


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