Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cartoon: Your furniture is anthropomorphizing you

The New Yorker "Shrink-Wrapped" Cartoon Kit Contest ends July 18th - only four days!

The New Yorker Cartoon Kit page.

The backdrop and many irreverent characters and props are provided, this month by professional cartoonist Danny Shanahan; you just drag and drop the icons you want, re-size and place them, then write a caption and save. (I didn't add any.)

Five winners are selected each month and are presented in a slide show for the gratification of your uproarious ego (and to make people laugh).

See "FilterBlog's 'Humour' Label" for more submissions I've made to the NewYorker Cartoon Kit.

This Cartoon at The New Yorker.



  1. I liked this entry of yours. Do you have any idea why they haven't announced winners for 4-5 months?

  2. Not sure that they haven't - I only know I didn't win. :) (They send you an email)

    I Do know that they've scaled back the number of contests in the last month and a half, summer holidays I presume.

    I know that the 'cats in hell' one was up for a month and a half - and I had NO ideas.


  3. The cat's in hell one was the most difficult because it contained several "distortions within distortions" of the hell cliche. Coming up with an idea for a cat in hell is challenging enough, but adding other elements (such as the cat holding an "End is near" sign, cat dressed as Moses, etc.) drastically reduces the number of workable possibilities. I believe Cats in Hell was the weakest of the contests for that reason. I wonder whether they simply couldn't find five cartoons that the liked for that one, or for "Bad Business" and "Heaven Help Us". Some of the Wild West winners were quite strange (including mine, admittedly!). Anyway, I hope they announce what they're doing with these contests...

  4. Tal Almog,

    After my last comment back to you I was thinking, it sounds like Tal Almog is creating with the Cartoon kit as well... I should see if I can search the name in The New Yorker Cartoon Kit and check them out. There doesn't appear to be a way to search the submissions.

    Found your Wild West winner. HA!

    So everyone else can see it:

    On the Cats, yes I found that really hard. The idea of a Cat in hell didn't make any sense to me. My icons of hell don't have long sharp jutting cliffs. I lean more to South Parks version. I'm an agnostic, I thought it was just me that didn't get it. :)

    I see what you mean by doubling up the twists, distortions within distortions, too complex to begin with to play within the set as it was... set.

    Dogs in Hell would have been easier to work with: dogs of war, dogging at your heels, dogged perseverance...

    I suppose it's good not to have a winner if the submissions don't measure up - if that's what's happening.

    Looking for Bob Mankoff's email address to ask him the question you pose (couldn't find it quickly) I found this instead - which is interesting, "Making Sense of Humor"


  5. That's very nice for an editorial pic. I love it. I love the idea of using things instead of a man or a human as the object or subject of your cartoon pic. Love it!

  6. Thanks. In theory, he could be reached at, but I haven't tried asking myself. I was hoping that they will start announcing winners again if the submissions are good enough. I think this one (Shrink wrapped) has a few decent ones. But I also saw a few that I liked in "Heaven Help Us" and they haven't announced winners for that one either. Good luck, in any event!...

  7. Thanks kids furniture.

    Like the choice of linking URL too, Ha-Ha. :)