Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Rogers Blue Jays Telecast From San Fransisco - Already In Progress

"Randy Winn preserves the Giants one run lead by bringing back an Aaron Hill home run to left, a play that would not have been made by Barry Bonds..."

With one out and nobody on, in the top of the second, Rogers SportsNet Ontario joins the Rodgers owned, Toronto Blue Jays at San Fransisco Giants, already in progress.

Probably contractual obligations with the Yankees broadcast they were airing coming up to 10:00 pm eastern, Blue Jays start.

And the Cable Giant owns a Major League Baseball Franchise, why?

Later, in the eighth, Randy Winn preserves the Giants one run lead by bringing back an Aaron Hill home run to left, a play that would not have been made by Barry Bonds who regularly plays there - but who was pinch run for a half inning earlier. Giants coach, Bruce Bochy, (and defensive replacement Winn) probably stole the game with that move.

And, there's Aaron Hill, right in the middle of it, again.

Gibbons managed well enough in this National League park, taking advantage of Inter league play and this west coast swing to shake things up in the batting order - which has been struggling since May.

Royce Clayton got the start at short-stop, and a chance to show what he can do in the lead-off spot. Curtis Thigpen got the start at first and batted sixth. Greg Zaun and Frank Thomas were both asked to pinch hit in the 9th, as Gibbons put veterans
in a position to help the team win.

Curtis Thigpen's start at first could be a sign the front office thinks this year is toast. The lack of a first string catcher is this teams leading, Achilles heel. Giving Curtis Thigpen at bats doesn't make sense - with Greg Zaun coming back from injury and the Blue Jays carrying four catchers (also, Jason Phillips and Sal Fasano).

N Lowry had a first rate night for Giants, and he gets the Win (6-5), 6.0 IP, 4 Hits, 2 Runs, 2 earned runs, 4 Walks, 5 K's).

A. J. Burnett gets the loss which is fitting, as it was his error (throwing) that lead to the Giants third and winning run.

A.J. left in the fifth with a slightly strained shoulder. Great News for Blue Jays fans (that it's not his Tommy John elbow); one more major injury and this season is a right-off.

As it is we can maintain faith by ignoring a few truths.

A. J. Burnett's line: Loss(5-6), 6 Hits, 3 Runs, 2 EARNED RUNS, 2 Walks, 4 K's.

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    You may want to look into this as the reason for any sports network to stay with a game they are already broadcasting, even if it runs long.

  2. The Heidi game, thanks for the link, missed that one. Probably the best example you could name. And a Good point.

    If I had been watching the Yankees telecast from the start, I would have been jumping up and down if they'd cut it short.

    As it was I was planning on writing about the Jays - and I like to watch every pitch. Guess I'll go get the extended MLB package (not likely).

    This post seems to contradict an earlier post (Aaron Hill Walks, Forces Home Winning Run...) where I propositioned that you should never leave a baseball game before the last out - but what I was getting at here was the idea that, a company like Rogers buys the baseball team to leverage the two properties. The book 'Lords of the Realm' by David Halberstam, tells the story of how Ted Turner, owner of TBS and the Atlanta Braves, used cheap content, (Braves Baseball), to increase the value of both properties.

    So from Ted Rogers point of view, Rogers should worry more about the Toronto fan base as it directly impacts two properties he owns, and worry less about 'fans of baseball' - who will watch any game that's on.

    (Never thought I'd hear myself say that.)

    Rogers needs to specialize in this case, even more, in my opinion.