Thursday, June 7, 2007

Raccoon Family Use Stealth Advance Through Resident's Garden

The Raccoon family that live in a hollow tree in the garden - sneak up with military precision to eat our compost and garbage. These critters behavioral adaptation to the urban landscape can drive home-owners crazy, especially when they set up residence in attics, garages or under decks.

I think these Procyon Lotor(Latin) are cute - and interesting.

Luckily for them, a big hollow tree is home - rather than an attic or a chimney, where they might be hurt, or captured.


From: Common Raccoon - Wikipedea

"The dark patches around the eyes, perhaps the raccoon's most prominent trait, are reminiscent of a "bandit's mask," which has enhanced its reputation for mischief, vandalism, and thievery."

When Mom and Dad are training the kits (baby's)to scavenge, they march in single file for safety. They move like soldiers on a secret mission.


From a remote cam that snaps a picture via motion detection. Notice they're in single file formation.

Quietly sitting in the yard last night, I watched the family cross a fence near the hollow tree. First came mom; smoothly, calmly, she crossed the fence to safety. Then she turned and looks back, at that moment a little one appears out of the darkness and begins to cross. As soon as the first baby raccoon reaches mom, another begins to cross. Like clock-work they all move across, all at the same speed; one... two... three... four... Five little ones! Last comes Dad, walking point at the back, the most vulnerable flank.

It all happens so smoothly and silently, if you weren't watching, you could easily miss it.

Above image: Raccoon Family taking a break - in defensive formation.

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