Tuesday, June 19, 2007

UPDATE: "Is The CIA Running Fatah al-Islam Through The Lebanese Police?"

In a previous post I asked the question.

At the end of the piece I wrote:
"The question is who's Really running them?

Lebanese Intelligence can get all the Night Vision Goggles they want... If the CIA wants them to. Perhaps all this is part of a plan from the "Empirists" to start a regional war that could resolve the 'Crisis' in Lebanon, Palestine, and Iraq, all at once?"

Joshua Landis published a piece on Sunday on his blog entitled, "Palestine and Lebanon: The US in Quicksand" -- in which he answered my question.

From Syria Comment

"Accusations that the Future Movement or the US have supported Fatah Islam are not credible without proof. So too are the accusations that Syria is secretly running the organization."

Joshaua Landis sites, the SITE Institute, and their brief entitled "The Rise of Fatah al-Islam" which uses the “2020 Plan,” as back-ground. The "2020 Plan", is a long-term blueprint for success, written by al-Qaeda strategist Saif al-Adel -- or so say his captors. I'll consider it when I see him say it of his own free will.

Landis and the SITE Institute see Fatah al-Islam as a Saudi Arabian projection -- just like al Qaeda, a part of the global jihad -- not a CIA black ops..

The neo-cons salivate every time an apparent justification emerges to invade Syria. I know they can take the city in 18 hours, I'm just wondering why.

I spoke some spin to spin masters -- so just shoot me (just kidding). But, for the record, I like the way
Joshua Landis said it better.


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