Friday, May 25, 2007

Nobody Knows Them, Nobody Likes Them, Everybody Wishes They Would Leave!

With 24hrs to think about the worsening situation in Tripoli Lebanon since my last post on this..., The thought occurred, why is the situation where it is?

The answer is that the National Army has escalated the violence at every turn. Yet this coarse of action is contrary to the governments stated aim: to guarantee the federal government.

Sunni fathers in the National Army are shelling and killing Sunni children and mothers. This does not seem to me, to be a very good way of guaranteeing the government; but rather a good way to cause a fracture in the National Army and Civil War.

Siniora's government has been under pressure ever since Hizbullah chased away the foreign invaders last August. For almost a year he has delayed either calling an election or redistributing power in cabinet. He likes neither; so instead, a third way…?

WASHINGTON, May 22 (AP) — Lebanon has asked the United States for $280 million in military assistance to help put down an uprising by Al Qaeda-inspired militants operating from a Palestinian refugee camp, the State Department said Tuesday.

So the government is tearing itself asunder to get U.S. military aid? Seems counter intuitive to me...

From The Daily Star, Lebanon.

Hizbullah's second-in-command, Sheikh Naim Qassem, said Wednesday the government of Premier Fouad Siniora was responsible for the deterioration of the country's political and security situations. "While we have persistently warned against foreign intervention in Lebanese domestic affairs because it will lead to disasters as we have seen in the last couple of days, the ruling majority does all that is possible to widen the scope of foreign interference,"


Now from Fatah - Fatah in Lebanon is an activist section of the PLO (who want a Two State Solution) - born after the rock throwing tactic lost direction. They are our only allies against the dark ages psycho Al Qaeda nutters.

From the The Daily Star, Lebanon

The commander of Fatah in Lebanon, Brigadier Sultan Abu al-Aynayn, also denied Wednesday any coordination, saying an agreement had to be reached among all Palestinian factions and the Lebanese authorities over the best way to uproot Fatah al-Islam from the camp.

Nobody knows them, nobody likes them, everybody wishes they would leave.

Their actions pave the way for military action wherever they show up. Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia, for example, who started the Iraq Civil War, have helped create a regional refugee crisis, and helped maintain high levels of military spending for U.S. arms makers.

The refugee situation is the most destabilizing factor in the regional picture, they are the gasoline that seeps through smoking embers of occupation.

Refugees who believe they have no future, no identity - become combatants out of necessity. Old men women and children, who normally wouldn't dream of picking up arms will become your most feared enemy.

The Israeli action last year and the civil war in Iraq have contributed to a Refugee Crisis that could be a catalyst for regional war.

Now 40,000 Palestinians are on that road.

Al Qaeda extremism enables extremists in government; Siniora is leading his country to a war devised in Washington.

Al Qaeda Patsies.

We created the nutters, and now 'we're' using 'em.

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  1. I am not particularly motivated to try to understand these politics. When I do wish informed enlightenment I read Pat Lang's blog. He does TV appearances and stuff of the sort, but he is a historically rooted realist. Check him out.

  2. Thanks for that link RB.

    I know of Retired Colonel W. Patrick Lang from The News Hour on PBS; I listen intently when someone asks him a question. Didn't think of looking up his web site... Cheers!

    I write this and the post before - not because I know I'm correct, but because I may be correct. If I am correct, exposing the plan may cause them pause. I hope I never find out if I was correct of not.

    Thanks for commenting,


  3. "exposing the plan may cause them pause'

    In my view, even exposure is not enough to stop this kind of politics.

    But, I may not be correct, so your effort may have value.

  4. We can name this thread, Correct, with out hesitation!

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