Monday, May 28, 2007

Toronto Blue Jays Flock Distraught?

Jays bandwagon jumping beans should take some stock.

Where is this team one third of the way into the season?

  • Alex Rios is a year behind where many thought he would be because of injury - but he is now, a better than average major league baseball player - he's a keeper.
  • Second Baseman Aaron Hill will win a gold glove this year, I think he's on his way to the Hall.
  • One of the best centre fielders in the game.
  • Ditto at First Base.
  • DH (evil DH position) Go Frank Go. Frank Thomas is one of the best all around hitters in the game - .300 hitters get better with age!
  • Reed Johnson in Left Field: The Spark plug of this offense, will be back in July, hopefully.
  • 2 Aces and a bull pen amongst the best in the league.

Relax. Have a seat, it's early. Nobodies running away with this division - this is after all, Post Evil Empire...

And Boston Traded Trot Nixon???



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