Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aaron Hill Steals Home!

Video-images of Aaron Hill's Straight Steal of Home !
As per my last post, on Second Baseman Aaron Hill of the Toronto Blue Jays, now here he goes and steals home.
[liveleak(dotcom) below the fold.]

(Getty Images Photo / Jim McIsaac)

A 1 - 1 Juggernaut in the seventh, here in Toronto. New York Yankees pitcher, Andy Pettite is paying too much attention to first - and forgets about Hill -
Aaron Hill executes a straight steal of Home for the lead!

You don't see that everyday!

This young baseball player LOOKS like a baseball player; he's smart at the plate or on the base paths; he has a range like Roberto Alomar, or Orlando Hudson; his footwork is Perfect, every throw is to the glove.

Goin' to the Hall at Cooperstown...

Here's Video-images from Liveleak.com


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