Tuesday, February 6, 2007

MY Super Bowl Proposal Worked!

This is Your Brain on Super Bowl Ads

From 10:14:17 PM on February 4th to 6:07:22 PM on February 5th Filter Blogs was visited by dozens of people searching for the results of a marketing campaign called "My Super Bowl Proposal". This was the second such numbers peak created by an article I posted in January that was designed to 'Hook-on' to a large Corporate Marketing Plan.

I came across the campaign in an article posted in DIGG called "I'm Blogging! Pay Attention to Me!". It linked back to the "My Super Bowl Proposal" a product placement/Internet video idea being spun by a company called Storybids.com.

I was incensed by the idea that marketers were using the democratically edited DIGG to create BUZZ around product marketing.

So I wrote an article about this new way of selling things and posted it in DIGG. "The Marketing of I'm Blogging! Pay Attention to Me!" was carefully worded, I was pulling a double reverse on the advertisers who had tricked me - I was marketing Filter Blogs by 'hooking-on' to the spin created by a company called SEOmoz.org

As I had hoped Filter Blogs got a peak in traffic; but the fun never stopped! The Super Bowl Proposal didn't happen in the end, but people who were looking for it while they watched the Game on Sunday caused another flood of traffic to Filter Blogs as they searched the subject after the game!

And, as you can see The Fun hasn't stopped yet!

Links: MICHAEL HOLLOWAYS FILTER BLOGS: The Marketing of "I'm Blogging! Pay Attention to Me!"/"Super Bowl Marketing on DIGG"


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