Saturday, February 24, 2007

CBC Radio Science Show 'Quirks and Quarks' Goes Web 2.0 With Interactive Web Pages, Podcasting

The long running science radio show, Quirks and Quarks has taken a step beyond their normal broadcast bracket. The show is now connected to an interactive web page; and as such, is a Qualitatively new experience.

Quirks and Quarks and other programs are using Applications to improve the consumer experience. These new format are stepping stones towards Convergence.

The experience we are beginning to have on the net - via various applications that allow us to upload, download, link, search, and blog - are leading edge tools in a fast changing universe called Web 2.0.

Together the tools of Web 2.0 are sketching out a schematic that will define the convergence of all media into one.

What exactly is the Web 2.0?

Tim O'Reilly the founder of O'Reilly Media, Inc. - the people who coined the term Web 2.0 - says, " The Internet as platform is the sum of all connected computers and devices. "

If you think about that statement, you begin to realise that the consumer of the Internet chooses which nodes or pages to connect. You're the missing silicone(carbon) switch that chooses which of the billions of sites are linked.

What is Convergence?.

Convergence is the coupling of the web with all media. Futurists envision a single piece of furniture that is a TV but also a computer, a game station, a phone, a printer etc..

Here's how you can connect links to create a Web 2.0 media experience at Quirks and Quarks:

  1. First go to Quirks and Quarks; now click on 'Click here for our most recent program', this weeks show will come up; now click on the podcast for this weeks show. (The page your on will disappear and become the podcast window, so open a new browser start page and open Q & Q's web page again.)
  2. Right under the podcast prompt is the first item in this weeks show. Each subject in the hour has it's own introduction, pictures and links to related sites.
  3. As the participants on the radio show bring up points, click the appropriate links to see more info.

Soon, Quirks and Quarks will have a Blog, so while you listen, search, bookmark and take notes; you can also start creating; or start a discussion with other bloggers.

If your brain is better wired than mine, multi-task all six at once!

Image: Bob McDonald, host of Quirks & Quarks.


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