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The War in Ukraine - presentation by Paul Robinson, Centre for International Policy Studies, University of Ottawa

The War in Ukraine video is a multimedia presentation on the War in Ukraine by Paul Robinson of the Centre for International Policy Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa. The talk was presented on October 9, 2014 at the University of Ottawa.

Great description of the military situation in east Ukraine from April to September 2014.

All Washington's talking points are nicely refuted using a multitude of sources including breaking Youtube posts from the war fronts - made possible uniquely in this particular war by Russia as she maintains besieged eastern Ukraine's connection to the world wide web.

The professor avoids the political in this presentation, and as a result does not address the fact that the Ukrainian Army has fascist brigades embedded in it, and that we know that the command and control of the army has a mirror command structure which is fascist. That and a slowly revealing extreme nationalism amoungst all the leading political forces in the (US backed coup) Kyiv government.

The professor escapes possibly a deeper understanding of the progress of empire, for example (what he calls conspiracy theories), and rests upon the theory of chaos in geopolitics (a series of blunders). This position however, does give him a secure place from which to speak truth to power.

Pointedly - and I think this is fatal - the professor trough this blinkered, apolitical take does not address the use of terror by the Right Sector contingents both embedded in the Ukraine Army and in separate Special Ops. battalions.. Ukrainian nationalists on the far right control the army - it is a fascist army, we know this - and we know their long arc plan of the war: the cleansing of the Ukraine of all the 'visitors' (Russian speaking Ukrainians).

That means: Run; or Die.

Thus the shelling of apartment buildings, schools ... and ethnic cleansing operations - both of which are designed to cause the entire population to head for the Russian border..

Now you can better understand the Ukrainian Army's tactics.

The War in Ukraine

Centre for International Policy Studies uOttawa

Published on Oct 9, 2014

Paul Robinson presents:
The War in Ukraine
The war in Ukraine has involved the most intense combat seen in Europe since 1945. Thousands of people have been killed, and hundreds of armoured vehicles and other items of military equipment have been destroyed. Paul Robinson examines the composition of the warring armies, charts the course of the main events and battles, and analyzes the causes of the rebel victory in late August.

Youtube Channel: Centre for International Policy Studies uOttawa | The War in Ukraine |


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