Friday, January 9, 2015

Rising Fascism in Ukraine - liberals must begin to reconsider one of their core beliefs - sometimes non-violence begets more violence

Written February 23, 2014 - just after (as-yet unclear nature of the thing) the Washington orchestrated fascist coup in Kyiv - published inadvertently while labeling Ukraine posts a year later; but I think it stands - so I'll leave it up.

The piece does not intend to be a call to violence - but a warning to liberal democrats about the nature of the historical period we appear to be entering - great power war between imperial capitalist blocks willing to use any means necessary (including racial, cultural, sexuality and class divisions) to attain their goals.

"Then said Jesus unto him, Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword."
- King James Bible, Matthew 26:52

What is Fascism? is a question that that I've been thinking about for about ten years. As the events in the Ukraine have unfolded an answer to the question has become apparent to me.

Fascism is the unenlightened in power.

Of coarse it's not as simple as that, how, in a meritocracy, do the unenlightened come to power? And sustain that power? The answer of coarse is they have backing from the very powerful: kings, corporations or empires.

As the fascists in the "Euromaiden" movement rise in prominence and in power inside of a larger movement against economic injustice and state repression via the police - they are having to walk a delicate line. The Parliament is full of (to one extent or another) enlightened members.That, after-all - is the point of the thing. Right now in Ukraine, Parliament has all power - with no apparent leadership. No Prime Minister, no President, no ruling political party.

Lawlessness on the streets and bungling by the just resigned elected government has resulted in a revolution against the status-quo - but FOR WHAT is still undecided. Will they rebuild a liberal democracy? This is unknown at this time.

When the Euromaiden leader, and deputy leader of the opposition party Batkivshchyna, wears a bullet proof vest into parliament - it strikes the global audience as odd. Is it populism? That's a sure way to get on the front page of every newspaper. Or is it deeper than that? A strange symbol of victory now that the mob have won the day, the anti-protest law repealed, the trade deal with Russia rescinded.

Why now a fear for one's life inside the Parliament itself?

The answer to that question is that the Fascists don't need a Parliament. They despise Parliament. They are not democrats - they believe in one strong leader and social conformity enforced with state violence against it's own citizens.

In complex modern societies though, one strong leader is a ridiculous idea - the system of governance is much too complicated. The checks and balances of a republic are required to run such a complex machine. The barometer of Parliamentary Democracy is needed to govern. In this comlex system the rule of one results is a twisted reflections of an powerful individual; all their fears and all their insanity (that we all harbour to one extent or another) begin to become reflected in law and in policy - and the result can be holocaust camps, industrial scale genocide, and world war.

The last world war.

If the fascists within the ferment in Ukraine rise to establish a Fascist government it will rock Europe and greatly weaken the US empire's grand game metric that has held Europe together since world war II (united against totalitarianism).

This is a call to all liberals: understand this moment; all things normal - all business as usual - just ended.

This is a call to arms to all liberals - begin to reconsider your most cherished core beliefs. Sometimes, non-violence begets more violence; corporatism will use your unwillingness to abandon peaceful resolution, compromise and facilitation to put you in a box of silent terror.

If Ukraine becomes a Fascist State, at some point in the very near future - the only way forward will be to fight your way out of that box.

Your reason for being is before you now - and it's brand name is Anti-Fascism!


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