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MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICYs' Chris Castle runs off the rails - again...

MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY - December 6, 2014 | "A Royale With Cheese: How Google Taught the U.S. Congress to Lead With Their Chins" - by Chris Castle |

In response to an interesting piece by Chris Castle at MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY WordPress blog (where comments are moderated, but no message tells you if your comment died in the ether of a bad user interface; or whether it's just pending moderation by the author) I link to the read and publish my comment to it here (see below quoted passage).


I’m not surprised to see Rep. Jared Polis signing up to the letter, given his own threatening letter that successfully protected Google from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission–having been on a panel with Mr. Polis and watched him reading from talking points printed from the website of Google Shill-Lister the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Fellow letter writer Rep. Darrell Issa wrote his own threatening letter to the FTC that pretty clearly was about the FTC’s investigation of Google, but had the good taste not to actually mention Google by name, an accomplishment he shares with the EU resolution.


- from: MUSIC • TECHNOLOGY • POLICY - December 6, 2014,
A Royale With Cheese: How Google Taught the U.S. Congress to Lead With Their Chins
- by Chris Castle

Comment - Monday, December 8, 2014 - 7:05 pm est:

I agree monopoly media companies are not good for progress; especially fellow giants with Google from the analog era. But please don’t throw out the baby with the bath water as you often do when talking about the new age of media. Electronic Frontier Foundation is the great, best hope for a free and open internet – as well as in their role in protecting our on-line privacy in the law. Please refrain from impugning their reputation just because they get grant funding from Google. Web best practices are what they are; but you often confuse best practice in internet business with the tactics often employed by cartels.

Michael Holloway


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