Thursday, December 4, 2014

@BillHicksBar - Best Bar west of Carlaw

A friend told me where to find it.

I immediately meet three people who knew me as Ward 30 Bikes guy - (that's a good thing).

I danced like a slut to Mick Jagger - and loved it. A woman I noticed was brave enough to approach me and say so.

Very cool.

When I got there and started taking pictures, everyone told me not to write about it.

"Save it" they said,

"Wait til it's too full to get in."

So no address for you - west of Carlaw will have to do.

Up the stairs beside the Bill Hicks signboard.

It's a small place - smaller than a one bedroom apartment.

Vinyl records cover the ceiling ...

Album Covers cover every wall:

Posters of every artist that you love are scattered here and there ...

.. and that's the music - on a great stereo system too. Foo Fighters, Rage Against the Machine. And so on.

Behind the Bar are icons to the god you know that you are. A Marshall McLuhan reference to the Medium is the Message fallacy, where the medium is ... well you know.

On a Video monitor in the corner is a continuous replay of Major League (1989). I asked bartender/owner Teddy if he's ever play Bull Durham (1988) continuously,

He said yes.

Beside the fact that I got physically assaulted by Teddy at last call because I wasn't given a chance to chug my 10 dollar piece of crap beer I didn't want in the first place; I guess I'll have to say I'll be back to discuss what happened.

After all - as all bartenders know, I was drunk; therefore I am wrong.

First bar on Queen East to break the mold.

Best bar west of Carlaw (east of Broadview).

Michael Holloway,
Drunken Slut

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