Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Great Powers in Proxy War in #Ukraine - spilling out into global internet propaganda war

Original Daily Telegram Slideshow - from my search the photo set was published in an article from early morning 2014-01-23. Slideshow http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/picturegalleries/worldnews/10591246/Ukraine-protests-in-pictures-Riot-police-clash-with-protesters-on-Kiev-streets.html

Faked propaganda image Tweeted by Jon Williams - Foreign editor @ABC (previously foreign editor @BBCNews) @WilliamsJon 2014-01-22 - 3:40 pm est -  hours before the Daily Telegram published - https://twitter.com/WilliamsJon/status/426091902958837760/photo/1/large

Timeline is only available via search inside the Daily Mail website - I've taken an image showing a related article post showing the date that the Slideshow was published (retrieved 2014-01-28) - the link goes to the Slideshow that includes the top image above.
(for large, right click, chose 'view image', click on image to rebigulate)


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