Saturday, January 18, 2014

As Big Three consolidate telecom dominance - come together to discuss ‘Connected Canada’ #ConnectCanada | "Connected Canada - Toronto East" | A Town Hall

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Join residents from Toronto's East side and speak your mind! What is Your take on our Canadian Internet? -

Prices too high?
Service Quality?
Speed Issues?
No Choice? Press Release | As Big Three aim to consolidate telecom dominance, Canadians come together to discuss new solutions to build a more ‘Connected Canada’ |

Canada has amoungst the highest Internet rates in the OECD: Michael Geist - July 16, 2013 | OECD Report: Canada Still Among Ten Most Expensive Countries for Broadband Internet Services |

NEXT WEEK - Join residents from Toronto's East side! Location, Time and Date will be announced early next week here; and at's "Canada Connected" page:

Do you know of a good meeting location in East Toronto?
Would you like to help with any part of this? | "Connected Canada - Toronto East" | A Town Hall

Please give me a shout!
Michael Holloway
Leslieville, Toronto


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