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Grand Design Outline by British Economist Paul Collier Illuminates Bankruptcy of G8 Austerity Strategy

Tax, trade and transparency: the G8 agenda


Innovation in tax avoidance has outgrown regulation.
Some Co.'s behaviour is not social socially legitimate, but legal.
Crack open the secrecy havens: Who actually owns companies? Private remuneration is "the get-away car" that 'disappears' unconscionable profits. Tax these 'rouge' corporations:

Take down trade barriers between NA & EU.
Open up trade with Africa via massive infrastructure development of power and transport grid.(end run China, India - to natural resource base + local resulting development of domestic secondary industry --- which will primarily trade West (because they're our roads :) ).

Who actually owns companies. Close 'private remuneration' loophole that acts as the 'get-away-car' for fraudulent earnings hidden away in secrete numbered bank accounts.
Extractive industry transparency agreement: Co.'s must report remuneration from extraction operations, publicly.

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Tax, trade and transparency: the G8 agenda

Published on Aug 28, 2013
A distinguished panel, including economist Paul Collier, Andrew Mitchell MP and Andrew Sentance CBE share key insights and analysis on the G8 agenda, focusing on the Prime Minister's 'Three T's' of tax, trade and transparency.

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(Talk by economist Paul Collier is in the first 8 minutes - the rest is the UK's top policy mavens setting Collier up for a fall - an escape hatch for when the coming crisis collapses the global economy despite this grand imperial solution.)

The way I see it, this model sees African Development (Imperial hegemony) as central to a Grand Design towards global hegemony. Africa is the pivot point of this particular cartel's global reach. One could replace Africa with Canada as a global natural resource base - but not as a pivot point for power is Asia. China is this plans 'touch-down' I believe - and Collier says as much in his narrative.

I think it's quite brilliant that transportation is one cornerstone of the foundation. The Roman Imperium would approve.

Better than the empire du jour maintaining continuous African instability through seeding and sustaining generations of civil war. But this is still Imperialism. Africa may find some Peace from imperial civil war with-in this model - but not likely a whole lot of development.

The interest that the western powers have in Africa is resource extraction. They need road, rail and power infrastructure to do this on a modern scale - and hope that African leaders will buy into the plan, towards national economic development. With profits from resource extraction realized off shore though, national development, democracy and social justice isn't likely to be very strong.

Or --- all this 'transparency', could be a great big pubic relations exercise - because the real issue is falling global demand - which they do not have an answer for.

For more on this impending crisis, The Real News Network just published this interesting piece on that:

October 20, 2013
"Federal Reserve in Uncharted Territory"
- Global Economist, Yilmaz Akyüz, on the Crisis of Financial Crisis Management -
by TRNN Producer, Lynn Fries - in Geneva -

TRNN - Federal Reserve in Uncharted Territory


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