Monday, June 3, 2013

Of Pi, and the nature of terrestrial perception

 - towards a grand unified theory of everything -

Why are there are no curves inside of gravity wells? (which are, in essence, curves) And nothing but curves outside of them? (curved space)

All celestial bodies from our moon to the Milky Way Galaxy and greater constructs are like our planet Earth - a system made up of a series of perfect spheres - the result of gravity pulling matter closer and closer to the centre of the mass. The different characteristics of that matter creates concentric layers we see from out micro-level, as the stratosphere, the atmosphere, the biosphere, the ocean, the crust, the mantle the core.

Inside a planet's gravitational system it seems we cannot define the essence of a curve.

Pi is our formula that approximates the essence of a curve. Pi describes a series of straight lines (the opposite side to the acute angle of an triangle) that - at a certain size - when placed like slices of a pie around a centre point appears to form a curved line. Humans have so far understood that there is no way to measure the radius of a circle.

Pi measures the flat distance at the end of an infinity (theoretically) small slice of the the circle - which approximates a measurement of the circumference of the whole circle.

Our in-ability to perceive the nature of a circle is likely a function of a relative distortion of that particular construct inside a gravity well - for undoubtedly there ARE curves here - but for some reason we can't measure them - we don't yet understand them. Our mathematical language - which explains, describes, many, many things here - is unable to encompass this very simple, very prevalent thing.

Thus one could say, that in the relative universe of this species - which has evolved over 4 billion years entirely inside a gravity well - there is so far, no way to understand a circle precisely.

On the other hand, outside a gravity well - there are no straight lines!

In outer space - outside the various gravity well - we know from Albert Einstein's general relativity, that there are no straight lines - all things traveling through space are effected by the gravity of the system - thus curved space.

Outside of gravity wells there are no straight lines - only curves. Inside gravity wells there are no curves - only straight lines.



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