Friday, January 18, 2013

Just HOW uninformed does CBC Radio's 'As It Happens' host Carol Off remain?

CBC's As It Happens producers seem to think that if you leave a host in the same chair for ten years - they will eventually become a Barbara Frum. I beg to differ. This continuing series will attempt to illustrate in what ways the hypothesis is incorrect.

Gold Nugget segment | Friday, January 18, 2013 | Part 1  (begins at 18:13 of 25:51),2327113762,2327113942

Carol Off says she imagines a 5.5 kg nugget of gold would be like a bag of potatoes. The interviewee, Cordell Kent - owner of Ballarat's The Mining Exchange Gold Shop - immediately tries to point out that the specific gravity of gold is much higher than that of water (the main content in potatoes) ... so a 5.5 kg nugget of gold would not be anywhere near as big as a 5.5 kg bag of potatoes; it would be in fact, 19.3 times smaller.

But Off won't have it - her analogy stands - because she doesn't understand all that science gobbledygook. 'A lot of potatoes' she says - abruptly ending that line of the conversation.

Tact when shown to be wrong: 0

Enabling the subject to express themselves: 0

.. to be continued...
(for not very much longer - hopefully)

Oh, (directed at the writing team) - and the question not asked (the thread not explored):

'Mr. Kent, are you trying to start a gold rush in the region with this sensational, almost unbelievable nugget find?'


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