Friday, January 11, 2013

#J11 - a day that history will remeber

Well, for this 'settler' today - #J11 - feels like the day the Liberal Party elected Pierre Trudeau as their leader back in 1968.

It was a day of hope that encompassed all 3 coasts.

I'm not sure how the First Nations received it - but for this old man - I remember it as a feeling - an almost tactile feeling - of unity across this great land --- a rebirth, a promise to the future that we all agreed was at our finger tips.

That's what today feels like to me.

So here we go - who knows what will happen today - I hope it's all good, and not so much of the bad.

#J11: Idle No More Global Day of Action - January 11, 2013

Join history, attend an event near you:


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