Saturday, September 8, 2012

Imaginary Cities, Marti Sarbit's unique vocal stylings reminiscent of Winehouse

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Listening to Jonathan Goldstein's WireTap episodes at the new 'CBCMusic' portal (in beta) - listening to the episode, "The Pitch" I heard this amazing band...

My first thought: her voice is as powerful as the recently deceased one!

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, Imaginary Cities
Featuring Marti Sarbit on vocals and co-writer Rusty Matyas
Debut album: "Temporary Resident" (2011)
Vinyl release: February 2012

Imaginary Cities - Ride This Out (acoustic version)

Imaginary Cities - Purple Heart (Official Music Video)

Found Imaginary Cities via the WireTap episode "The Pitch" recorded live at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival - and featuring special musical guests, Imaginary Cities. They play a beautiful, ethereal rendition of the song 'Ride This Out'. Totally mesmerizing.

WireTap | Friday, August 31, 2012 | "The Pitch"

This episode will die in two weeks from now (September 23,2012).
Warning: CBC Player plays automatically.


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