Sunday, March 25, 2012

U of Utah Economist Minqi Li documents emerging Class Struggle in China

Professors regularly make it hard for me to 'bookmark' them in anything but my bookmarks app in my browser (which is huge and not so friendly), no blog, no twitter account.

When that happens I post some content they've produced, here.

I did find a sort of 'fan' page in Facebook as I was writing this ( - it's basically the Wikipedia article posted into Facebook. (Perhaps someone with the same bookmarking problems I'm having decided Minqi Li  needed a place marker in the social networking tools too.)

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To me Minqi Li sounds like an honest broker.

When he is introduced he prefers a bio that includes the fact hat he was held as a political prisoner by the Chinese Government from 1990 to 1992.

That element raised my BS antenna, thinking that he might be - as is so common - embroiled in a political fight with the forces that be - making his voice far from balanced and his contributions unreliable in the pursuit of truth.

But all those reservations were quickly dispelled in this interview with The Real News Network's Paul Jay. His analysis of Chinese Political Economy is complex and multi-vectored - and more full of questions than answers. That's what a science based approach sounds like.

Also of note is, he works with Political Economist and Marxist Theoretician, Leo Panitch Professor at Toronto's York University. (see Monthly Review:

Often I have found, especially in the cold war era, dissidents from communist, one-party, socialist states couldn't translate their political experience in the west after defecting - many times allying themselves with right wing cold warriors - far from any truth they may have been pursuing when they were oppressed by the State in the country they came from.

Professor Minqi has been through the swings though, according to Wikipedia's un-notarized article on him (, Minqi Li embraced the Chicago School of economics, (aka 'The Straussian School', after Leo Strauss) in the late 1980's, morphing into a passionate democracy activist involved with the Tiananmen Square protests - and around full circle to study the works of  Karl Marx and Mao Zedong.

Minqi Li now considers himself a part of the "Chinese New Left".

Minqi Li has a PhD in economics - but - like the elite thinkers of our time, he is researching in many related areas, and studies the relationships between them (political economy, historical social science, political economy, Marxism, world systems, and the Chinese Economy).

Minqi Li Assistant Professor of Economics University of Utah -

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