Thursday, March 8, 2012

Blogging comes of age in Charles LeBlanc Criminal Libel case

Found this video on Charles LeBlanc's 'alternate site'.

The recently arrested Fredericton blogger has a new site up after police shut down his blog, seized his computer, and charged him with Criminal Liable against a Fredericton Police Officer.

Since I'm big on bike issues I thought I'd use this nice interview Charles LeBlanc did with an unidetified Fredericton man to show you Charles LeBlanc is a good citizen blogger, not a stupid man and someone who undrstand what the rule of law is supposed to represent. The inidentified interviewee in the video (it looks like) was mistakenly identified by a couple of Constables as a wanted individual.

Acording to the man interviewed, both police officers, with no words directions or orders, tackled, battered, cuffed the man and held him in the back of the cruiser.

When they realize the mis-identification - instead of admitting their mistake, and apologizing to the Frederictonian, they try to justify their actions with the appropriate fraudulent paper work - releasing the man and issuing him with a traffic ticket - for riding his bike on the sidewalk. An action he says he took after while riding his bike on the road, the police used their vehicle as a weapon to intimidate him - rather than communicating to him what they wanted to talk to him about.

Give it time - it gets real good.

More about Charles LeBlanc's arrest in this video (made by him).

The CBC Fredericton has a good piece up that lays it all out pretty concisely I think,  "Controversial blogger charged with libel".

This video embedded is from the same CBC article -

Interesting, at the end of the CBC video the section of the criminal code police are charging LeBlanc under has been ruled unconstitutional in three other provinces. So is this an order from the Province to Police to charge someone with this so Provicial Lawyers can get a day in supreme court on this? Some sort of Provincial power pay?

So, two birds with one stone: a test case going up the though the court system so the Attorney General of New Brunswick gets his test case --- and by laying it on a powerless, poor, troublesome blogger, who local police have heard just about enough from, will shut him up while the case is before the courts - in this case, that could be years.

Police higher ups might find this amusing, ironic - screwing with people's lives can be funny when you're the bully. On the other hand I suppose they might think it's cold justice - since LeBlanc, from their point of view, has been making Officers lives miserable...

What this says about the professionalism of the Fredricton Police Force - I'll leave to your judgement.


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