Monday, January 30, 2012

Save Transit City - email Councillor Karen Stintz, Chair of the TTC

I Posted a vesion of this on my Facebook wall. Better here, where Everyone can see it.

The text comes partly from a recent email from CodeRedTO - the new Toronto Lobby to get TransitCity back on track.(

If you like my text, COPY and paste and email it to the Chair of the TTC. No matter what Ward you live in, as Chair of the TTC, Councillor Karen Stintz is responsible to all Torontonians.

Use this link - - to go to the Ward Map
(click on your Ward to find the name and email address of your City Councillor)
 - add your city councilor email in the cc line
 - make the change to the third line of the letter and the last line
 - and send it off.

Councillor Karen Stintz, Chair,Toronto Transit Commission 
(cc your Councillor)

As a resident of the city of Toronto I agree with CodeRedTO who are strongly recommending that as part of a smart transit solution we "..focus on Eglinton LRT + Scarborough RT replacement, and Finch West LRT or Upgradable BRT first."

Finch is extremely important in my opinion. Public Transit is a great leveler - I think it is crucial we invest in our poorly served neighbourhoods.

We can't find the money needed for subway expansion - but right now nearly $8 Billion is waiting in Provincial coffers for City Council to say GO to a LRT solution.

Your Name 

(street is good)
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