Thursday, March 17, 2011

"Google 12th Anniversary Giveaway Pr ize Notification" is SPAM!

Got this in my Gmail inbox today, March 17, 2011. I think it is SPAM.

Note the error in the headline, "Pr ize"

I didn't open this but I'm pretty sure this is Spam - and maybe evil, screw up your computer spam. It has the gall to use the Google trademark name - so it will probably be effective - if short-lived.

Here's a screen shot.

Mark as Spam.



  1. Some email scams are too good to be true so verify it first.

  2. Now there's some social network advertising! The link goes to a site that offers a filtering service for your email.

    I like the user generated service that already in all my email accounts (Yahoo, Hotmail, Google):

    The SPAM Button!

    It creates a list of IP addresses you decide are shoveling spam, and then parses your info with other user's reports to build a reliable master list.

    I guess the vendor at the link above has bought some such lists and hopes to build a large enough user base to begin creating a reliable list. Of coarse these lists are real time in nature - the spammers are working full time designing new ways to fool you into clicking on their bogus links - so the value of a list is dependent on the number of people reporting daily. As well these paid services will undoubtedly begin to sell advertisers avenues to get to your eyes - hopefully based on a sound business model - listening and messaging to "appropriate" venues at appropriate moments (like a person would do). How to do this is still an unknown is mass marketing - unless you're Jane/Joe average I think it's going to be a while before this interesting idea becomes a reality.

    I for one am intentionally abnormal, so I choose to turn it all off - I go into the market place when I need something, I don't immerse my self in the bath of product placement - as far as that's possible anyway. That means no TV and no Radio, except public broadcasters. And I take a book with me when I travel on public transit (billboard ads). When I ride my bike - well that's when they get me - but car ads and the ancillary "life styles" they represent (which is 90% of all of it) don't work on me. :)

    Don't pay for this service; pay yourself - by clicking on your email's SPAM button when you see content you don't want.