Tuesday, October 27, 2009

President Barack Obama Outlines His Vision at MIT

At MIT on Friday, October 23, 2009
President Barack Obama delivered an overarching talk on his administrations raison detre entitled, America's Leadership in Clean Energy.

Half way through he codifies his vision(@14:10)
"And that's why the world is now engaged in a peaceful competition to determine the technologies that will power the 21st century. ..nations everywhere are racing to develop new ways to produce and use energy. The nation that wins this competition will be the nation that leads the global economy - I'm convinced of that, and I want America to be that country - it's that simple."

- President Barack Obama

The Presidents vision not only points the direction he intends to lead America but also How - in an era of military industrial preeminence in a
perpetual war economy. With the investment of billions of dollars through the Recovery Act, the the aim of which is a re-newing the American economy through leading edge high efficiency technology across the breath of the economy. In doing so the President hopes to win over - or leave behind - opponents who have only fear to offer - while his vision offers solutions to militarism, global warming and the current crisis in the globalization of the economy.

As an example of this political progress he points to the Pentagon who have just declared that the military's dependence on fossil fuels is a strategic liability. This declaration is as important as the realization by the world powers in 1940 that access to oil would determine the victors of WW ll.

Mr. Obama must have been reading FilterBlogs as this has been the vision around here since 2007. FilterBlogs: Transportation Sector Should Follow Boeings 787 Lead

Rocky Mountain Institute, Winning The Oil End Game; Executive Summary.

Amory Lovins On winning the oil endgame at TED Feb. 2005 Ideas worth spreading.


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