Tuesday, July 10, 2007

For The Record: "Congress A Favor Factory"

Last year jailed lobbyist, Jack Abramoff called Congress a "favor factory" in testimony with regards I. Lewis Libby.

Roland F Stephen, Associate Professor of Political Science at North Carolina State University about applying "earmarks" on proposed legislation in Congress; from a March 6, 2006 post on the forum, Innovation Online Idea!
(my emphasis)

Pork barrel spending has shot up recently, with a stunning rise in the number of "earmarks" -- special provisions in spending bills which go to pet projects -- from almost none in the 1980s to over 13,000 last year.

Simply stated, our representatives sell earmarks to favored constituents in return for money and other forms of support. Disgraced Congressman Jack Cunnigham had a price list, written on offical stationary.
Jack Abramoff called Congress a "favor factory" because of the way the earmarks have been used.

Has anything changed?

It's not an Oil Economy or a Military/Political/Corporate Cabal -- it's a Favor Factory!

That was it... That was the moment -- officially -- when the Republic ended.

For the record.

Updated Links:

Here's a list from January 08, 2006 Gateway Pundit of the 40 of the current 45 democratic senators who took Abramoff money.


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