Thursday, July 12, 2007

China REALLY Serious About Melamine Contamination In Food

Poisonous Glycol's recently found in Pet foods, toothpaste and medicine, made in China, has lead the Chinese government to act, harshly.

From The Guardian Unlimited

"State media announced yesterday that Zheng Xiaoyu - former director of the State Food and Drug Administration - has been executed less than two months after being sentenced."

Image from Xinhua News

I guess the Chinese Really like Free Trade.



  1. I had seen the story told a bit different a few weeks ago - the article cited corruption - but didn't offer more details.

    When I saw the previous story I immediately thought about the tainted toothpaste etc.

    Wonder if the FDA will back off their carte blanch ban of Chinese products, now.

  2. Distractions abound, but I wonder if a strong protectionist movement isn't inevitable.