Saturday, April 21, 2007

Cho Sueng Hui

When I was growing up the most important truth I discovered, and the one that saved my life, was the realization, or the observation, that I was the same as every one else. It was a fleeting moment and in that moment of assurance, I couldn't believe that this was the thin bit of whatever that seperated saine from insaine; but I Knew, I Believed, I was Certain.

It was a close shave. I doubt now that anyone reading this could honestly say they hadn't had the same close save; because I Know, we're All the same.

This knowledge allows me to ask you now, to try to understand Cho Sueng Hui. Try to understand the hell he was in, isolated, confused, and at the end, insane. He was not unusual in a lot of ways, just not able to work through the stuff we All have problems with.

RIP Human Being.


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  1. Burn in hell, murderer! -
    Chris mankey