Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Perhaps it time to start a new user generated ad medium for the web phone?

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Perhaps it time to start a new user generated ad medium for the web phone?

Medium has just announced it is going to a subscription model after hiring a whole bunch of very good writers to write on their construct and then running into crisis-level money flow problems last month.2

According to internet best practice this is a step in the wrong direction. They should have just continued on with a few less paid writers and let the echo systems' crowdsourcing review process bump up the meritorious free writers into the alpha echelon (and pay them less than 'good writers').

This failure by Medium to heed the baked-in by design best-practices of the internet now leaves open the universe of these kind of writing spaces for a new *real* Medium.

It reminds me in some ways of how I saw Twitter roll out - a company that stopped listening to their free users too soon, and by their 4th year started 'monetizing' - or in other words - listening to their avaricious venture capital financiers ... And thus their advertisers - or in this case - a new department set up inside Twitter to create the New Form that advertising on Twitter would (will?) become - and which it has still not become - what it's founders imagined it would be, a user generated an ad medium for the web phone.

Because Twitter started listening to it's finance department - and stopped listening to it's free users - the people who invented the Retweet (RT) and the Mention (MT) and Hat Tip (HT), now all automated with buttons - it now has a stupid Moment widget at the top of your stream which no one is using because it is more complicated than just replying to your own tweet one after the other to create a Twitter paragraph or a Twitter Story.

And so is the reason why Twitter is being gamed to death by bot nets retweeting AI replies and necromancer run Twitter Accounts - not to mention super trolls and noise created by user dissonance - such that now it has become what some are calling, "TwitFuck".

Perhaps it is time to start a new user generated ad medium for interface?

Michael Holloway
Feb 13 2017

1  Facebook | Michael Holloway @ Feb 13, 2017, 10:57pm est | Perhaps it time to start a new user generated ad medium for the web phone? | https://www.facebook.com/michael.holloway.90281/posts/10155586459166002?pnref=story

2  Medium @ The Mission, by Dakota Shane - Feb 7, 2017 | Wow, It’s Official — The Subscription Model is Coming to Medium… | https://medium.com/the-mission/wow-its-official-the-subscription-model-is-coming-to-medium-134bc0846f6e#.5hm5wa75j


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