Saturday, November 12, 2016

@TheProgressive - bad online marketing - way past when it was necessary

This embed was offered in the context of a free issue of The Progressive, an old school progressive publication of some import.

Not having published, it kind of looks like a video ...looking at the code, it's a flash player embed - rather than the standard iframe.

Having no idea what it is, I like the Progressive's message, so I'll publish.

I just hate the that The Progressive - 10 years in - hasn't hired a social media expert.

Print Media.  :/

Oh - and Rogers Media is throttling this 79MB file. After writing this - 2 hours 40 minutes remaining (6.7kb/s).

(like that will work)

P.S. Yep - being throttled; watching my current binge - playing beautifully:

This Old House | Project with Purpose Begins (one of This Old House's Occupy Wall Street projects) | The Roxbury House, Episode 1 (2010) |


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