Friday, October 21, 2016

World War Three is rolling out; How are people dealing with it?

  • Southern Europe, North Africa, The Middle East are on fire; 
  • The US and China are testing each others resolve in the South China Sea; 
  • New strategic alignments are separating the world into two camps: 
    • The US and her allies;
    • Everyone who won't bow down to it.

The world has never been closer to total destruction than it is right now.

How are people dealing with this fear that Corpse Media won't talk about?

The current global state of affairs:
  • The U.S. hawks ascendant in the US government;
  • Militarized Policing of peaceful protest;
  • NATO waging war in Southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East;
  • The Trump Campaigns has opened the Pandora's Box of racism:
  • Presumptive next President, Hillary Clinton Campaign, DNC, State Depatment's escalating Slavophobia.

Usually in times of great war, society deals with it by acting on their fear collectively:
  • City's install Air Raid sirens in neighbourhoods (on top of schools);
  • Practice air raid drills;
  • Community announcements telling people how to cope with air war (how to turn your basement into shelter).

As an historian - In this time of war and revolution (Anonymous - October Surprise) - at the same time - here are some lessons I gleaned so far:
  • Shit will happen everywhere and at a scale we're not used to;
  • Trust no Corporate Media source (with a tiny # of exceptions - this may change after heads come out of the sand);
  • Great Wars start gradually and expand until they encompass the globe - it's not like an end-time dystopian movie - battles can be raging 10km away, but in your neighbourhood, no one dies;
  • We need to talk about this - the propaganda is stifling; 
    • So let's try to loose the paranoia - caused by the lack of trusted sources (the demise of the 5th Estate - and by the current level of harassment trolling, quality of the food chain, too much caffine culture) by talking with our friends and neighbours - and their friends and neighbours;
    • Exponentially network your existing online network on this topic, to include anyone who can see the reality of what's going down / doesn't have their head in the sand.


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