Sunday, December 15, 2013

A People's Compromise to get Income Stability - AND - Investment in a Massive Public Transportation Expansion

The Plan:  Reduce Car Insurance premiums through a one insurer, Government of Ontario Car Insurance Program - and at the same time - Raise Tax on Gasoline by 10¢ to pay for a Massive Public Transportation Expansion.

Here's my Tweet on this to the NDP, and the Liberals' Twitter Accounts (+ Anne Golden) on this last night:


What do you think of this compromise to get the NDP to support a Mass Transit Gas Tax?

I know the NDP doesn't support an Ontario Government Car Insurance plan - but they should - and this sounds like a do-able deal for voters!

What party (other than the extreme right-wing Ontario Tory party and the Haper-ites in Ottawa) - wouldn't support this?

In exchange for much lower premiums that a one-system, public owned insurance program would provide - drivers would not push-back so hard on a 10¢ Gas Tax for Mass Transit expansion.

Key to this is that the new gas tax money will go into a Mass Transit Fund - separate from all other expenditures (as the Golden Report proposes).

In this scheme - who Pays for Mass Transit expansion? ... Big Insurance Company Profits!

Companies who are gouging drivers with seemingly Cartel-high premiums and vicious tactics in claim disputes that are designed to reduce their settlement liabilities.

At the same time as not hurting working families who are tied to the car for one reason or another, it out-flanks the extreme-right-wing Ontario Tory Party by demonstrating in a real world way - how the efficiencies of a large government project can fund other necessary large government investments!

With this metric we can forgo the Corporate Tax Rate increase - because it's a drop in the bucket anyway - and just extend the program out for as long as it takes. The net cost of living increase is zero!

I like it a lot ... but then I should; it's my idea! :)

What do you think? Questions? Any part of this not clear?


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