Sunday, April 21, 2013

Dark Matter is mass in orbit over time - Temporal Matter

This is a way to sum up one of the great modern conundrums of cosmology:

The total mass of galaxy - that we can see - is too low to keep the galaxy from flying apart at the rate it is rotating.

So cosmologists have imagined 'Dark Matter' to make up the missing 'collapsing' force - to counteract the centrifugal or 'expansive' force.

I have always said, "Hooey!".

I have been thinking along the line that orbits is where the missing matter - or energy lies. So I imagine (as I'm watching the video below) the path of an orbiting electron around the nucleus of an atom; the moon around the planet; the planets around a star; the stars around the centre of the galaxy...

..and then tried to imagine the path of all these things over time - a steadily thickening path of layers upon layers of paths - and the regions around them that slowly become 'familiar with their regular neighbours.

So one can imagine a field around the bow-wave of the orbiting thing - but not just around it but in it's wake as well ... ..and as it trod the path for the life-time of the sun - a field 10 billion years in the making.

Those masses of orbiting things create fields --- not just where they are at specific moments - but as in something quantum mechanics illuminates, they exist *over time* in all places along their orbits - all the time.

This Temporal Field is a function of mass and gravity over time - a force that combines with gravity to balance off the expansive forces.

The missing matter is the intricate interweaving of billions upon billions of temporal field matrices.

Inspired by these pretty pictures:

Journey Through the Milky Way (2011)
National Geographic


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