Thursday, June 7, 2012

Casseroles Nights in Canada adds a Form to make adding map place markers easier

The Casseroles Movement started in Québec in early May after the Charest Government passed it's (likely) unconstitutional anti-student-protest law - Bill 78. People from neighbourhoods all over Montreal began coming out of their houses near dusk, and began quietly at first, tapping wooden spoons on soup pots and sauce pans. Soon they began to march along the streets of their neighbourhoods, gathering marchers as they went - night after night. Soon the neighbourhood marches began to make their way downtown - to where the students on strike - now for over 100 days - gathered very night to pressure the Charest Government to talk to them.

On May 26th OccupyToronto organized a Casseroles Solidarity Rally at Dundas Square in the heart of downtown Toronto. The day after, people in the Occupy Google Groups were talking baout expanding the events to other neighbourhoods - just as had happened in Montreal and also, all over the Province of Québec.

By the the end of the day "Casseroles Night in Canada" was being organizd by folks from acoss the country - and on Wednesday May 30th Canada held it's first coast-to-coast-to-coast Casserole eveming walk with clanging and banging pots and pans and wooden spoons. Canadians were clearly outraged by the draconian Bill 78, and inspired by the beautiful tactics of the Quebecois in the face of politically inspired police brutality against peaceful protesters.

So many villages, towns and cities joined in for the Wednesday, May 30th casseroles, someone copied the Quebec example and starting building a map as a way to record this unprecedented explosion of Canadian grass roots political organizing - and to better network the movement for freedom of all Canadians - in all Provinces - after the precedents set in Quebec.

Here's a LIVE embed of the map:

View Casseroles Night in Canada / Casseroles contre le hausse in a larger map

For the record, here's an image of the map from Sunday June 3rd, 2012 watch for more blue dots going forward):

Casseroles Nights in Canada () is now adding an accessablity option to the CNIC Map - a handy Form - so if you're not a mapping person, you can still get your local #Casserloes event placed on the map (also an innovation of the Quebec Movement).

Here's the Form Casserolers' can use to let CNIC know who, what, where and when your event is - so CNIC can add it to the map for you. This is a LIVE form. Add your casseroles event info here, and with-in 24 hours your place mark will appear on the map.

Twitter tags and key words: ,  #casseroles#assnatclasse#manifencours 

Casseroles Nights in Canada on Facebook -

See the Casseroles Video at the top of the side bar above - that's the video that went viral and spawned the Canada wide - now going global - Casseroles Movement.


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