Friday, August 12, 2011

I can't view anything on the www with the word BLOG in it

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UPDATE: Monday, August 15, 2011

I think I've figured out what happened. Over at my Blogger Baseball Scorecard I was having trouble uploading a page that includes a html file that is near 500,000 bytes. The page held the file in a text area to make it easy for non-coders to work with  - but I was having trouble understanding the Post Settings language in the Blogger User Interface. As a result, the large file would be re-written to the long form, or interpreted html by the blogger interface - thus uploading gobbley-gook on Publish. When I realized the post had failed to render as I wanted it, I just reset the Post Option to a different setting with out reloading the file from my back-up, thus asking Blogger upload to accept what it intrepreted as a corrupted file. On the fifth try (I'm a little obstinate sometimes) a security algorithm kicked in and blocked my IP address from accessing sites where I had uploaded large files before. This included interestingly, a Word Press blog where at lot of blogger processed pictures reside - and even more interestingly, the security process also blocked me from searching the word 'blog' in Google Search. 

How they did that is beyond me. Amazing power Google has.

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I'm having internet access problems. Have YOU ever experienced anything like the following?

This is a strange one.

Yesterday I found I couldn't access any of my RSS feeds that are Blogger sites.

Then I see I can't access my Blogger account, and then I can't see one of my word press blogs (but another at the same service is viewable).

My Stat Counter tells me all the sites are up and getting page views - but if I even type the letters b-l-o-g into a google search engine I get a timed out page - with no waiting.

I hooked up an old computer and the same things were happening.

Then I went to cnet/ and got an IP masker. That is working (3 day trial), I can access everything now.

So some algorythm in the web has decided mine is not a trusted IP address?

I'm confused - has anyone experienced anything like this?

Yesterday I ran a ping and a tracert over the www to see where my connection to stops.


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