Saturday, January 8, 2011

Video: Snowing in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - January 8th, 2011 - 8 AM

This is the first good snowfall of the winter here in Toronto.

This is Jones Avenue, Leslieville, in the south-east of Toronto - on the eastern Don River Delta - looking south out my bay windows towards Queen Street. There is about 2 cm on the ground; Environment Canada Toronto Island Weather Office is calling for 5-10 cm as of 7:31 AM EST.

Down here by the shore of Lake Ontario we could get more than that due to local climate created by the combination of the City of Toronto and the Great Lake, which is ice-free at this point.



  1. Yes, cold means you have to take care.

    When this video was shot, the temperature was about -5 Celsius - pretty warm, no problem. As we move into global warming due to human activities, the winters here have become milder; -10 is cold now, 25 years ago -20 wasn't uncommon.

    The wind is very important; at -5C with a 20 kph wind it feels like -20C; which means you have to wear a scarf wrapped around your head to cover you face and ears or in a couple of minutes you'll get 'frost bite' - exposed skin freezes, leaving a little brown scar or worse, you could lose a piece of your ear! This has never happened to me, although I came close once. This only happens in extreme cases - like if you're caught outside in the country and you have to walk a long way to get to shelter. In the city there is always some place to get in out of the wind. When it gets down to -20C, The City of Toronto has shelter spots designated - so people can warm up, or if they have no home, even sleep over night.

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