Wednesday, August 4, 2010

CBC's 'WikiLeaks Release' search-able database of Canadian mentions

Below is a widget created by CBC that enables an easy search of the database of 75,000 theater incident reports leaked by Private First Class Bradley E. Manning, U.S. Army, to WikiLeaks, released July 25, 2010.

Just checking to see if we can spread it around a bit...

It should work anywhere - all the links are still intact.

Search by date (MM/DD/YYYY)


OK, it works! When you press 'Search' it takes you back to the CBC page for your search result.

Try it out

Try Typing CDN (the military term used in incident reports meaning 'Canadian'), into the Keyword search box and then search. You'll get a list of 154 incidents. To narrow that down, try CDN again but this time with-in a spread of dates, below, in the 'search by date' boxes.

Spread the widget, and the truth...

Copy and Paste this everywhere you can think of. Get people asking questions, help to parse the data - tweet your findings, write a blog piece about your research.

This story will continue to un-fold for several more months I believe, and not just the blame game and other such spectacle crap like the latest from the bought-and-paid-for media, like, 'there's nothing new in the data'... but rather help open a window onto the imperial wars conduct for all the public to see.

To get the software for your blog or whatever, click on the button and go to this Google Document: "CBC's WikiLeaks incident reports search-able database of Canadian mentions widget.txt".
(opens in new tab/window)

Below is a Google Docs. embed of the widgets software, scroll down to see it all and copy.

I have always believed the truth can stop war; it's one of the reasons information control is so important to the warriors. Kudos to Bradley Manning - your a hero in my book brother.

Bradley E. Manning Support Network

WikiLeaks: "Afghan War Diary, 2004-2010"

Courage to Resist .org US congressman says Bradley Manning should be executed



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