Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sloan's "The Other Man" Original Video TakeDown

Longtail Posthumous Aperitif for September 10, 2010

Spike TV has removed the page where Sloans "The Other Man" was up, I've replaced it with the same video embed now up at Youtube, again...

As promised this Blog is reporting "TakeDowns".

You can record a Take Down at a list in Twitter, just include "#TakeDowns" in your Tweet.

Remember this Video? Sloan's "The Other Man" on Youtube? A great film, subtle and full of content. Bigger than the company that is now replacing it with... ..CRAP.

As always, if I can, I'll point you to the original from another less evil source:

Dead link at Spike TV.


Please note, evil bastards, I'm compiling a picture archive of things you're targeting to destroy.

I will turn around your hero meme faster than you can say, 'Holy Democratic Blind-side Batman'.


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