Thursday, November 5, 2009

Copyright Laws are Endangering the Imperial Project (and Good Entertainment)

In the recent history of imperialism the leading edge of the effort has been ideological. When the European imperial powers invaded (discovered) America from the 1500's through to the independence movements of the 18th and 19th century, Catholic Missionaries destabilized the indigenous cultures of the continent; the leading edge of a rather more violent juggernaut to follow.

Today the USA's global empire is in it's infancy, and for some reason (greed?) a law protecting copyright, prevents material from spreading over the boarders of Imperial America on the World Wide Web. Ironically - while the U.S. Congress continues to approve yearly Trillion dollar appropriations towards building a global network of military bases (International Network for the Abolition of Foreign Militairy Bases) - copyright law approved by the same Congresses prevents me, here in Canada, from watching "Star Trek - The Original Series" on Youtube. Instead of Captain Kirk I get - "Sorry, this content is not available outside of the United States."

Is this any way to run an Empire? I ask you.

At the same time BBCWorld is doing the similar things with it's Youtube account. Even though every show you could possibly ever remember is up on the BBC's Youtube Channel - they're only clips of each episode! I can watch 1:23 of episode 1 of "My Hero", the BBC's hit sit-com. Tease me and leave me no way to watch the rest of the show "You bastards! You've killed Kenny! (favourite South Park phrase)

I think what they're doing at BBC is a form of web copyrighting - creating/holding a space with the Titles, and very little content - so that in the future when they find a way to snuff out all the copyright covered uploading going on, on Youtube, and peer to peer file sharing sites - they will have a legal case, they can say they've always been operating in these environs. This tactic is probably on the advise of their lawyers.

Does Anyone out there know how to run an Empire these days?

Well screw them and their lousy empire!

To Wit:

Star Trek (copyright Paramount) - Season 1 Episode 6 - Part 1 - Mudd's Women; Uploaded by some person who shall remain nameless, but a hero to all Trek fans outside CBS's American world.

And under Captain Kirk The BBC's hit sit-com "My Hero" Season 5 - "Brain Drain" - Part 1, from another hero of the off-shore enlightenment!

(Both these will be removed shortly, bookmark associated links quickly.)

Star Trek The Original Series "Mudd's Women"

BBC's My Hero - "Brain Drain"

Now That's Imperial Entertainment! ;)


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