Friday, June 12, 2009

Can One Reverse the Flow of Content Into Facebook? Apparently So!

Here's a post I created in Facebook, I simply cut and pasted it here, cleaned up some html that didn't translate in Blogger and now Google owns my creation as well.

Lawsuits anyone?

Michael Holloway

For what it's worth... Does FaceBook remind you of a police mug shot book, It did when I first heard of several years ago. Tonight I found this while touring the web...
Kingmannafta February 17, 2009

Michael Holloway at 4:07am May 18
Of coarse the CIA doesn't need to own FaceBook to data mine the same info from other sources, but they do like to have a hand in (re: Air America).

As we saw in 2003 the president can do anything he wants to do, he's got enough "Lawyers Guns and Money" to stand down the Judiciary for the maximum 8 years he's in office; and then the Obamma's don't pursue the case or pardon them when...

Michael Holloway at 4:08am May 18
Oh, and by the by... The Great Warren Zevon!
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The link to Youtube won't play until you 'X' the Facebook frame. The metadata is about 3X larger than the post, and most of it is garbage - about 15 minutes of work is needed to clean it up properly.

Does this article look good on your OS?


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