Tuesday, May 19, 2009

250,000 People Attend Torontos' Victoria Day 2009 At Ashbridges Bay Park

"an energy filled good natured tsunami of benevolence and frivolity"
From the corner of Woodbine & Gerrard

After the Victoria Day fireworks finish at Ashbridges Bay Park, a Torrent of young people filled the sidewalks and every north bound bus up Woodbine for nearly an hour.There must have been at least 250,000 people down there!

Some kids were firing fireworks 10 houses south of me - sideways - across the grid-locked traffic at their friends on the other sidewalk; some were flying right by, into front yards and wooden houses. No one was hurt and there were neighbourhood people around, like me to make sure that no fires started; pretty stupid but isolated.

I stood outside the door of my shop at around 11:00 pm, smiling and telling tired hill climbers who'd ask, "It's was just one more major to the subway! Right up that hill." I pointed.

All in all, an energy filled, good natured tsunami of benevolence and frivolity.

Yeah Toronto!


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