Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Personal Blog of Don Mac Arthur has Morphed...

One of my favorite blogs, The Personal Blog of Don Mac Arthur has morphed - comments are no longer requested. This key change to this 'filter blog' is original in my experience, and may help create a commercially viable blog if Mac Arthur chooses - an Internet version of 'filter media' like NBC's Today Show or ABC's Good Morning America.

The publisher Don Mac Arthur is creating a finished product every day that he alone creates. Don Mac Arthur's witty comments around news items he quotes from, are as original as the quality sources he links the reader up with. Those interested in science, politics and the human condition will enjoy these irreverent swipes at perception and habit, and find a treasure trove of bookmark worthy links.

In an earlier post on Don Mac Arthur's site, I opined that my comments may have gotten me blocked from the site. My fetish for tipping the intellectual apple cart may have something to do with it. I sometimes challenge people to unravel logical extensions; sometimes my 'poems' are miss-interpreted.

The new format re-titled, 'Caught My Eye - The Personal Blog of Don Mac Arthur' ends the bloggers head ache of responding to comments every day - and at the same time fixes the problem of 'phishing' and 'hit collecting' that clutter comments pages of may blogs and can devalue a project(I do not plead guilty to this, I was linking in the spirit of the blog-o-sphere) .


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