Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pitching and Defense Still Define This World Series

Last night's blow-out (Colorado Rockies 1 - Boston Red Sox 13) was likely an aberration - but can the Colorado Rockies find their batting grove in time to win a close game tonight? The young Colorado starter Ubaldo Jimenez must keep the score close.


"After going 4-4 with a 4.28 ERA in 15 regular-season starts, the 23-year-old rookie right-hander has been dominant in the playoffs, giving up only two runs and eight hits over 11 1-3 innings in two outings. Jimenez has not earned a postseason decision, but kept the Rockies close enough to win both games."

Ubaldo Jimenez Postseason: 2 games, 11.1 innings, no decisions, 1.59 ERA.

If the Rockies batting order doesn't see some hittable pitches from Schilling tonight it may be too late in game three, down 2 games to 0.

Schilling's last start against the Cleavland Indians was the kind we have come to expect from the future Hall of Famer. Could another great start by Curt Shilling create an unstoppable momentum towards a Boston sweep? The young Rockies may be up against it if they lose another game to this offensive juggernaut; yet one good start does not a series make...

The veteran Curt Shilling has had an average year in 2007, 24 starts, 9 wins - 8 losses, ERA 3.87; in 3 play off games, 2 wins - 1 loss with a 3.38 ERA.

A good take I read today... ..the Rockies are hoping their starter tonight is too young to notice how much pressure he's under. Pay no attention to the
green monster behind the curtain young Ubaldo.

Still hoping for a 7 game series.



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