Friday, March 2, 2007

Wind Storms; File Under: Climate Change = Various Weather

Photo from Jeff Clow

A new kind of storm came through Toronto March 1, '07. You can hear it coming; it sounds like a jet engine at full throttle.

At the same time in Georgia, "..what appeared to be a tornado..." collapsed the roof of a high school. All told, 20 people were killed in 3 states.

Thankfully, no deaths due to wind, up here, a thousand miles north of Georgia, we got 20cm of snow in Toronto, followed by freezing rain and high winds.

The cedars were covered with some freezing rain; and these gusts of wind would bend the tops of the trees sideways so much you'd think they'd break. You can hear it coming; it sounds like a jet engine at full throttle, seconds later the decibels subside, and then the wind howls insanely at up to 100km/hr.. The air around you, is buffeting chaotically, displacing, evacuating - like when the air-lock blows in Star Trek.

I'm left feeling that something very large, very powerful, reached down from the heavens; and just missed ripping the top of that cedar off.

The Stanley Park Wind Storm, Dec. 15 2006 and the Atlanta/Toronto storm of March 1, 2007 were both associated with the collision of two, vast weather systems. The Stanley Park Windstorm was remnants of a Pacific Typhoon.

The Atlanta/Toronto Storm was classic; a pacific warm air mass rushed across the continent and north into a Arctic air mass occupying the Hudson's Bay/Great Lakes region.

It was classic in every way, except the violent winds.

Note to Self: Windstorms Bad.

Photo credit: Tysonwilliams


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